We're currently in the middle of our 11th cycle but check out our workshops & come back for our Fall 2024 cycle!

an 8-week experience designed to

Build a powerful tool-kit of HEELS FUNDAMENTALS & connection with your ARTISTRY that will help you navigate future dance endeavors with CLARITY & CONFIDENCE. Immerse yourself in 8 weeks of GROWTH with a community that supports, challenges, & inspires you to embody the BOLDEST version of yourself.


This course is perfect for…

  • if you are a beginning level dancer that longs to walk, dance, & express yourself freely in Heels - but feel intimidated.
  • if you are an intermediate level dancer looking to refine your Heels technique, artistic voice, & mental approach to dance.
  • if you are searching for an immersive¬†virtual training experience that is equal parts movement & mindset.¬†


  • 9 1.5-hour LIVE training sessions with one of our ZTHEORY instructors and fellow course-mates.¬†

  • Weekly¬†TECHNIQUE TUTORIALS & accompanying training drills with¬†thorough explanations that build proper form, awareness, stability, & confidence in your Heel.

  • Regular guided¬†JOURNALING¬†EXERCISES & IMPROVISATION SESSIONS that help you find your voice as a mover.

  • Exclusive¬†ACCOUNTABILITY¬†GROUPS you can share, train, & grow with.

  • PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK from your peers & Natalya to keep you growing & accountable throughout your journey.

  • CHOREOGRAPHY TUTORIALS, performance tips, & a culminating project to celebrate your growth.


This course is BOTH a guide in foundational technique AND a journey in developing key components of performance & artistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

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